Wine And Your Heart Health

According to many doctors and other health specialists wine can improve your health...

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Red Wine and a Healthy Heart

Red wine and a healthy heart
Moderate consumption of red wine may help keep your heart healthy

There are enough articles on red wine's positive effects on your heart and cardiovascular system to justify a separate section. Presently this section is relatively small, but I have the feeling that it will be growing rapidly. And for a change of pace, visit the Take A Break section with Paris travel articles featuring French wine and food. You won't gain any weight reading them. Remember the French Paradox; the French eat delicious food, drink great wine, and yet have a relatively low rate of death from heart disease.

The Right Diet For Heart Health By Susan Brown

Brown discusses several aspects of heart healthy diets including the role of fiber and carbohydrates. Importantly she also tells you what not to do.

" ...You do not need to buy tens of vitamin and mineral supplements to get the daily amount..."
The Right Diet For Heart Health

Association Between Wine And Mortality By Devi Nisha

Devi discusses how moderate wine consumption may increase your life expectancy. She quotes several studies but cautions us that further research is needed. I could not agree more.

"...some studies find a relation between alcohol drinking and breast cancer in women. However, most researchers also feel that the cardiovascular advantages of reasonable alcohol drinking far prevail over breast cancer risks. (Cardiovascular disease is extremely common; breast cancer is rare in comparison)."
Association Between Wine And Mortality

Resveratrol as in Red Wine

Health benefits red wine Resveratrol
Resveratrol is alleged to provide health benefits.

The Health Benefits Of Wine / Resveratrol By J. P. Saleeby MD

Many articles mention the compound Resveratrol thought to be a major factor in many of the alleged health benefits of red wine. Dr. Saleeby actually tells you how this compound works in terms that are readily understandable for those of us who are not MDs.

"The compounds responsible for the protective powers of wine are a class of compounds called antioxidants. Red wines contain several antioxidants the key one being the polyphenol compound called trans-Resveratrol or Res for short. Res is found in other fruit besides grapes including..."
The Health Benefits Of Wine / Resveratrol

Heart Disease, Aspirin, And Red, Red Wine: What Should We Do?
By Connie Limon

Limon's article presents the position of the American Heart Association on wine and alcohol and their relationship to cardiovascular disease. She then presents the AHA's position on antioxidant vitamin supplements and aspirin. You really should read this article.

"Some researchers have examined the potential benefits of the components in red wine such as 'flavonoids' and other antioxidants in reducing heart disease risk. Some of these components may be found in other foods such as grapes or red grape juice. They also believe the link to red wine and reduced heart disease risks may be due to..."
Heart Disease, Aspirin, And Red, Red Wine: What Should We Do?

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Wine And Cheese By Kerry Bellis

Bellis tells you why you should consume some cheese with your red wine to maximize the health benefits, in particular to reduce your blood pressure. A good wine and cheese party is relaxing as well.

"(Author's ...) What better way to kick-back and relax...both you and your arteries. Wine is good for lowering your blood pressure...and so is cheese. But not just any old wine, make it a red one. Read on to find out why. "
Lower Your Blood Pressure With Wine And Cheese

Red Wine Is Heart Healthy By Shashi Agarwal MD

I don't know about you, but when I see the letters MD after the author's name I am really tempted to read the health article. Agarwal MD quotes many health and other experts on the benefits of wine.

" Over the last two decades, several studies, both epidemiological and scientific, have confirmed the health benefits associated with consuming red wine. Dr. Maclurein in 1993 reviewed over 50 different epidemiological studies and concluded that, compared to abstaining, consuming one drink every 1-2 days was associated with..."
Red Wine Is Heart Healthy

The Truth About Red Wine And Heart Disease By Nicholas Webb

You have probably heard and read that red wine may be a factor in lowering the frequency of heart disease. Webb tells you why, and you don't have to be an expert to understand his explanations.

"It certainly seems strange that two much studied cities; Glasgow in Scotland and Toulouse in France show many similarities and yet many differences. The inhabitants of both cities eat tremendous amounts of high fat foods, traditionally take little exercise and drink alcohol. The surprising difference is that while the people of Glasgow have one of the highest rates of..."
The Truth About Red Wine And Heart Disease

Wine Is Good For You! By Ken Finnigan

Finnigan quotes several studies on the alleged health benefits of both red and white wine. Some benefits affect both women and men; others seem to be sex dependent. And he reminds us to drink in moderation.

"...Studies have said that 'moderation' is considered to be one or two glasses a day. Drinking more than this can be bad for your health and cause more diseases than prevent them..."
Wine Is Good For You!
The health benefits of red wine, especially for your heart.