Wine And Your Nutrition And Weight Loss Program

Yes, wine has nutritional value...

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Mediterranean Diet Food Wine Pyramid

Mediterranean diet food wine pyramid
This pyramid shows the role of wine in the Mediterranean diet. Enjoy, and perhaps improve your health

Yes, wine can be part of your weight loss program. So, before you throw away those coupons because you don't want to throw away your wine, these articles can help you avoid the pitfalls. These articles can help you avoid the pitfalls. You'll learn about the calories and nutrients in wine, its antioxidants and phytonutrients. You say that you're not familiar with some of these terms. Don't worry, the selected authors introduce the terms for beginners. Articles written for researchers and other specialists simply don't appear here. (Not that there's anything wrong with them.) And for a change of pace, visit the Take A Break section with Paris travel articles featuring French wine and food. You won't gain any weight reading them. Remember the French Paradox; the French eat delicious food, drink great wine, and yet have a relatively low rate of death from heart disease.

How Is Alcohol Affecting Your Weight? By Meri Raffetto

Raffetto warns us of the danger that alcohol may interfere with your weight-loss program, weight loss programs like the Medifast diet or the Atkins diet to name a few. I hate to admit it but she is absolutely right. The better informed you are, the greater the likelihood of success in losing weight.

.... Many people drink for the health benefits. After all, evidence shows that moderate drinking, especially red wine, may lower the risk of heart disease. No matter what your reasons are for drinking, alcohol can interfere with your weight loss goals. "
How Is Alcohol Affecting Your Weight?
Calories in wine diet nutrition
Watch your calories. Drink wine in moderation.

The Calories In Wine By Jennifer Jordan

Jordan gives us the number of calories in a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage. And she gives us clear advice how to compensate for these calories that cannot simply be wished away.

" ...It's not the consumption of wine that adds pounds, it's the consumption of wine... "
The Calories In Wine

Counting Carbs With Wine By Bob Skilnik

Did you know that all wines contain some carbohydrates? Skilnik presents in detail the relationship between wine, which some of us love, and carbohydrates, which we tend not to love. He includes a short list of low-carb wines and a link to a website with the carbohydrate count for 400 wines and numerous other drinks.

"The recent health claims that wines have antioxidants in them that may block free radicals, prevent heart disease, cancer, and other conditions associated with aging seems to have some validity. Polyphenol..."
Counting Carbs With Wine

The French Paradox By Simon Mitchell

To many people it sounds too good to be true. The French relish fine food, alcoholic drinks, and even tobacco. And yet they have the second lowest incidence of heart disease in the world. How do they do it? Mitchell addresses this fascinating question.

"The French, in terms of diet and disease, are a statistical enigma. They relish high fat food, consume alcohol regularly and often smoke - the very picture of the World Health Organization’s ‘risk group’. High protein, meat based meals include duck, goose and pork - even cooked in fat as a preference!..."
The French Paradox

Nutrition Facts - Alcohol, Antioxidants, Caffeine and Calcium By Connie Limon

As Limon says - "In this article you will learn some simple nutrition facts about alcohol, antioxidants, caffeine and calcium." Ignore them at your own risk.

"Too much alcohol can raise...
...lead to..."
Nutrition Facts - Alcohol, Antioxidants, Caffeine and Calcium

Phytonutrients By Zachary Thompson

They are not vitamins. They are not minerals. Read Thompson's article to find out what phytonutrients are, what they can do for you, and how you can get enough to meet your needs.

"One of the Phytonutrients is Resveratrol. This substance is found in red wine and red grapes. A medecine has been developed from this Phytonutrient that helps..."

The New Diet For Wine Lovers - The Sonoma Diet By Linda M. McCloud

Are you familiar with the Sonoma diet? Do you know what it's all about? McCloud get you started, by the time you finish her short article you should know if this very popular diet might be for you. And you'll know where to go for more information.

"The diet consists of what they call three waves. The first wave is the first 10 days of the diet. During this time, you are not..."
The New Diet For Wine Lovers - The Sonoma Diet
Lots of wine, diet, and nutrition articles.