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Agarwal, Shashi MD
      Red Wine Is Heart Healthy

Bellis, Kerry
      Lower Your Blood Pressure With Wine And Cheese

Burke, Nick
      A Fantastic List Of 25 High Fiber Foods Along With Their Calorific Values

Callen, Michael
      Diet Scams Debunked By History

      Is Your Diet Giving You One Big Headache?

Clarke, Anne
      Diet Pills - The Dangers
      Eating Habits - Now Is The Time To Develop Healthy Ones

Darken, Ray
      Five Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Dick, Shiela
      Are You Making These Weight Loss Mistakes?
      20 Ways To Lose Weight

Gilbert, Randy
      The New Wine Diet: How Adding Wine To Your Meal Could Also Add Years To Your Life

Finnigan, Ken
      Wine Is Good For You!

Fleming, Jill
      Healthy Cooking Tips For Weight Loss

Hill, Nancy
      Top 5 Red Flags Of Diet Scams

Iggo, Dean
      The Mediterranean Diet - How Does It Work?

Jenkin, Rita
      Wine Drinkers Eat Healthier Food Than Beer Drinkers

Jordan, Jennifer
      Champagne On The Brain - The Benefits Of A Glass Of Bubbly
      The Calories In Wine
      The Fountain Of Youth
      The Unsung Benefits Of Wine
      White Wine's Influence On The Lungs

Leong, Tony
      Top Ten Fad Diets To Screw Up Your Body

Limon, Connie
      Heart Disease, Aspirin, And Red, Red Wine: What Should We Do?
      Nutrition Facts - Alcohol, Antioxidants, Caffeine and Calcium
      Red Wine And The Aging Process

Lycka, Barry
      5 Diet Scams To Avoid

Maconachy, Aidan
      The Remarkable Health Benefits Of Red Wine

McCloud, Linda M.
      The New Diet For Wine Lovers - The Sonoma Diet

Mirkin, Gabe MD
      Diet Gimmicks: Save Your Time And Money

Mitchell, Simon
      The French Paradox

Nisha, Devi
      Association Between Wine And Mortality

Palmer, Robert
      Celebrity Diet Scams - Dangerous Diet Secrets Revealed

Penn, James
      How Many Calories Are Right For You?

Raffetto, Meri
      How Is Alcohol Affecting Your Weight?

Robertson, Chris
      A Detailed Comparison Of The Mediterranean Diet And The South Beach Diet

Saleeby, J P MD
      The Health Benefits Of Wine / Resveratrol

Skilnik, Bob
      Counting Carbs With Wine

Smith, Steve K.
      The Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet Scam

Stone, Josh
      The Top Ten Myths About Fat Burning

Tarkovsky, Sacha
      The Traditional Greek Diet - Live Longer, Be Healthy And Increase Your Vitality

Theron, Penny
      Death From Dieting - Will It Happen To Me?

Thompson, Zachary

Vermeulen, Stephanie
      Dieting: The Billion Dollar Brainwash

Webb, Nicholas
      The Truth About Red Wine And Heart Disease

White, Alison
      Red Wine Might Help Fight Obesity

Wilson, Christian
      Beware Of Acai Berry Diet Pill Scams!