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Senior and Chianti Wine Bottle

Senior and Chianti wine bottle

Aldo Topolino (1886-1992) attributed his longevity to garlic, olive oil, and plenty of red wine

Our Introduction To Wine And Mortality

Devi quotes several studies that claim a reduction in mortality for light to moderate drinkers.

Association Between Wine And Mortality
By: Devi

Many of the respected studies on population prove that consuming alcohol such as wine, beer or spirits in moderation has been related with an increased life expectancy. Researchers report that even though considerable decreases in mortality risk for regular drinkers could be attributed to lessen danger or heart disease, this factor alone does not completely account for their constructive mortality profile. Moderate drinkers compared to abstainer, both male and female, look to be at lesser risk for all the causes of death, comprising cancer and other chronic diseases, as heavy consumption drinkers increase their mortality risk.

The Nurses’ Health Study (1995) discovered that there is reduction in overall mortality rate for light-to-moderate drinkers among 85,000 women. They stated, ”For women as a group, light to moderate alcohol drinking offers important survival benefit. It was linked with a reduced risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease; heavier consumption was further related with an increased danger of death from other causes, especially breast cancer and cirrhosis”. Benefits were most pronounced for women with the risk factors for heart disease and those 50 years and older.

Further Harvard University cohort studies, the Framingham Heart Study plus the Kaiser Permanente review make sure overall mortality advantages for regular but moderate drinkers. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the biggest government study of Americans’ health and lifestyle habits, stated that for white males, “Moderate drinking augments the time until death from any reason by about 3 percent.”

At the same time, other scientists as well point out that more research is also required to provide a fact risk / benefit analysis for various gender and age groups, which considers not only coronary heart disease and on the whole mortality, but as well an assortment of types of cancer. In specific, some studies find a relation between alcohol drinking and breast cancer in women. However, most researchers also feel that the cardiovascular advantages of reasonable alcohol drinking far prevail over the breast cancer risks (Cardiovascular disease is extremely common; breast cancer is rare in comparison).

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