Wine And Your Health

According to many doctors and other health specialists wine can improve your health...

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Health-Related Chemicals in Wine

Health related chemicals in wine
Some of the potentially health-inducing chemicals in wine

As you will see in the following articles, wine is thought to be beneficial to many aspects of your health. However, almost everyone agrees: if you are not a wine drinker, don't start with the goal of improving your health. And please remember, if a glass and a half a day is good for you three glasses a day is not twice as good. And don't even think about six glasses a day. And for a change of pace, visit the Take A Break section with Paris travel articles featuring French wine and food. You won't gain any weight reading them. Remember the French Paradox; the French eat delicious food, drink great wine, and yet have a relatively low rate of death from heart disease.

Champagne On The Brain - The Benefits Of A Glass Of Bubbly By Jennifer Jordan

Wow. I can't imagine better news than what Jordan is telling us. She carefully documents her interesting assertion that champagne is good for the brain. Now there's only the oh so minor question of cost.

" An April 2007 article published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry revealed findings indicating Champagne as a source behind brain protection. This sparkling wine, according to the study, may help protect the brain from..."
Champagne On The Brain - The Benefits Of A Glass Of Bubbly

The Fountain Of Youth By Jennifer Jordan

You may well have heard that severe calorie intake restriction has a good chance of adding years to your lifespan. If you're like me you aren't willing to pay such a price for longer life. Did you know what red wine may also lengthen your lifespan. Now that's a price I am willing to pay. By the way, I have yet to see hear Gloria Gaynor's "I will Survive" reverberate off the strands of DNA.

"Calorie restriction activates the Sirtuin I Gene, a gene that is known to heavily influence the continued existence in all living cells. Once this gene is activated, cells..."
The Fountain Of Youth

The New Wine Diet: How Adding Wine To Your Meal Could Also Add Years To Your Life By Randy Gilbert

Gilbert lists one probable health benefit of red wine after another. She then tells you which ones are thought to be the best. There are several; try them all, over a period of time.

"More and more studies are showing that although there are about 120 calories in a six-ounce glass of red wine, you should not stop having wine at dinner, because there are too many significant long-term health benefits and..."
The New Wine Diet: How Adding Wine To Your Meal Could Also Add Years To Your Life

Red Wine And The Aging Process By Connie Limon

Limon writes about the health benefits of red wine and the component, resveratrol, thought to be the major cause of these benefits. Then she drops a bombshell - she doesn't drink alcohol, she tried wine and didn't like it. Her article includes an alternative for obtaining Reseveratrol should you not care for wine or be allergic to it.

" ...some amphibians and the American lobster continue to grow bigger, are able to reproduce and to live until something kills them. Some people believe that because the animals do not seem to age that it could be something in their genes, and possibly in our genes, that controls the pace of aging, and that aging is not the fate of every living thing"
Red Wine And The Aging Process

Red Wine Might Help Fight Obesity By Alison White

Sometimes conclusions drawn from scientific studies on mice carry over to people. Sometimes they don't. White presents several studies on mice whose results we can only hope will carry over to people.

"To investigate the effects of the molecule on mammals, Dr Rafael de Cabo who conducted the study looked at middle-aged mice fed a high-calorie diet, with 60 percent of the calories coming from fat. These mice shared many of the problems of humans on an equivalent diet, including obesity, insulin resistance and heart disease. The interesting finding was that the mice that consumed resveratrol alongside their food...
...lead to..."
Red Wine Might Help Fight Obesity

The Remarkable Health Benefits Of Red Wine By Aidan Maconachy

The French Paradox. Maconachy sets it out very clearly. Interestingly enough he doesn't give wine all the credit for France's sharply lower rate of death from heart attacks.

"According to research data cited in Wikipedia, in 2002 the average French person consumed 108 grams of animal fat, while the average American consumed only 72 grams. The French eat four times as much butter, sixty percent more cheese and nearly three times as much pork as Americans. Overall the consumption of saturated fat is much higher in France. Yet astoundingly according to data from the British Heart Foundation for 1999, death among males 35-74 was 230 per 100,000 in the US, but only 83 per 100,000 in France."
The Remarkable Health Benefits Of Red Wine

The Unsung Benefits Of Wine By Jennifer Jordan

What might you get healthwise from drinking wine besides a possibly reduced risk of heart disease? Jordan provides a very interesting list including some benefits that you probably couldn't guess.

"Old Age: Old age is not a disease, but an affliction to our health nonetheless. Still, it's an affliction those of us in youth hope to someday procure. While growing old can bring about all kinds of problems, wine can aid in their relied. For starters, wine..."
The Unsung Benefits Of Wine

White Wine's Influence On The Lungs By Jennifer Jordan

If you're a white wine drinker you may be tired of hearing about all those great health benefits of red wine. Well now, according to Jordan, your time has come.

"Because white wine contains higher levels of flavonoids, a group of plant substances known for their antioxidant activity, researchers believe that white wine soaked up the toxins in the blood, like a ..."
White Wine's Influence On The Lungs

Wine Drinkers Eat Healthier Food Than Beer Drinkers By Rita Jenkins

Some of my best friends drink beer. (I do to, especially on a hot summer's day.) Now I know what to tell them.

"Food and alcohol shopping habits were investigated by a team from the National Institute of Public Health in Denmark. Researchers analyzed 3.5 million transaction, chosen at random from 98 outlets of two major Danish supermarket chains over a six-month period. They evaluated the link between the purchase of beer and wine together with various food items"
Wine Drinkers Eat Healthier Food Than Beer Drinkers