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Sonoma Valley Hillside

Sonoma Valley hillside

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Our Introduction To The Sonoma Diet

McCloud clearly describes the contents and the steps or waves of the Sonoma Diet.

The New Diet For Wine Lovers - The Sonoma Diet
By: Linda M. McCloud

The newest diet is called the Sonoma diet and it is taking the world by storm. It was created by Dr. Connie Guttersen and it was born in California's wine country. This diet promises to be unique because no food categories are off limits. It emphasizes a balance of whole grains, protein, healthy fats and produce. When following it, you will be preparing easy to prepare meals that are gourmet-quality meals.

Dr. Guttersen also teaches nutrition at the world known Culinary Institute of America. The diet is explained in full detail in her new book, appropriately called "The Sonoma Diet". In the introduction to this book, Dr. Guttersen writes: "The Sonoma Diet is like no other. You will loose every ounce of excess weight that you need to. But at the same time, you will enjoy eating more than you ever have in your life. Meals are a celebration, not deprivation."

The book includes 300 recipes. All of the recipes are filled with what is called the 10 power-house foods. These foods are the core of the diet and have been scientifically proven to help one stay healthy. The foods are as follows:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has been proven to help keep the heart healthy.
2. Almonds. They have been proven to help suppress one's appetite and help protect one from diabetes and cancer. These are incorporated into the recipes as well as a healthy snack. For a snack, a handful is suggested. For women that would amount to 12 to 15 almonds, and twenty for a man.
3. Bell Peppers.
4. Tomatoes.
5. Broccoli.
6. Spinach, which is high in folic acid.
7. Naturally sweet fruits such as strawberries. Strawberries are high in vitamin C.
8. Blueberries. Blueberries are supposed to be great for one's memory.
9. Grapes, which is found in wine.
10. Whole grains, (such as breads, cereals, and brown rice) Whole grains have been proven to be the key to weight loss.

The diet consists of what they call three waves. The first wave is the first 10 days of the diet. During this time, you are not allowed any unhealthy foods, especially sweets. Your body will get use to not eating these types of foods and you will begin to loose weight around your waistline. The foods you will eat during this time will consist of the following: lean meats, fish, beef, poultry, vegetables, and a lot of whole grains such as brown rice. You are not allowed any fruit or wine during this time because your body will be learning to adjust without sugars. If you are 35 or more pounds overweight, during these ten days they say you will loose 5 to 7 pounds and if you only need to loose ten or so pounds you will loose about 2 pounds. Your average daily calorie intake will be 1200 calories per woman and 1500 per man.

Wave two is the next step and the most important step. During this step you will be losing the weight you need until you reach your ideal weight. You will be eating the same diet except now you can add a nightly glass of wine (preferably 6 ounces) and some dark chocolate. You can now also have unlimited fruits and vegetables. Your average calorie intake will be about 1500 per woman and 1800 per man. You will also loose on average 1and half pound per week.

Wave three is your goal period. This is the period where you have all ready gotten used to the lifestyle changes and the commitment. Hopefully, these changes will continue throughout your life.

With this diet there is no measuring. The book explains that you should eat your breakfasts off of a 7-inch plate and your lunches and dinners off a 9-inch plate. The book even goes on to explain how you should place your food onto the plates.

The book is sold throughout the country and even on Amazon. The cost is generally $24.99. You can even order it on line at their home website

Is this the diet for you? Maybe, especially if you like wine and flavorful foods. But with any diet it takes dedication and commitment on your part. There is no easy way to loose weight, but this may be a tasty way.

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