The Zone Diet And Wine

The Zone Diet, created by Dr. Barry Sears, is based on the consumption of correct ratios of food groups...

Zone Diet Book

Zone Diet book in wine diet

The Zone Diet book.

The main idea is that when you regulate your insulin levels, your body's metabolism performs at its optimum level and you lose weight. You may remember that this diet was popular in the 1990s. Some people know that the Zone Diet is a celebrity diet. I am not going to name names but some very famous people are rumored to follow this diet. As always, donít start this diet without consulting your doctor even if Brad and Jenn swear by it.

In spite of what you may read or see on TV, our bodies are not designed to process junk food well. Our ancestors ate lean protein and natural carbohydrates, and thatís what our bodies continue to expect. The Zone Diet sticks to the proper ratio, namely 40% Carbs, 30% Fat, and 30% Protein. These levels help the body to regulate insulin. When insulin is at the right level your body's metabolism speeds up, and you lose weight.

One drawback of the Zone Diet is the need to measure your food intake quite precisely. The food groups are broken into 'blocks' subdivided into 'mini-blocks'. A typical meal might involve one block of Carbohydrates, composed of three mini-blocks such as 1 cup of green beans, 2 cups of yellow squash, and 1 glass of red wine. As with many diets, you should buy a specialized cookbook. Letís talk about the pros and cons of this diet.

Positive aspects of the Zone Diet include: Dieters eat fruits and vegetables and consequently donít miss needed nutrients. Smaller portion sizes help build a healthier lifestyle and maintain weight loss. Your cravings for carbs disappear or at least lessen after a few days as your body adjusts to a high protein diet. This diet is heart-healthy given its focus on lean proteins and "good cholesterol." The Zone Diet may provide rapid weight loss in a short period of time.

Zone Diet Products

Zone Diet products in wine diet

Some of the many Zone Diet products.

Before you get carried away, letís not forget the cons. As with many diets, once you stop you may rapidly regain the pounds you shed if you return to your previous eating habits. The diet can be quite expensive; you will have to buy cookbooks and other materials. The recipes are often complicated and time-consuming. The Zone Diet usually doesnít provide many restaurant options. On the other hand, Dr. Sears will be present at a Caribbean cruise which promises to offer gourmet cuisine.

What about wine in this diet? In general, wine is allowed. But a four-ounce glass of wine is considered a block of carbohydrates. If you drink a glass of wine with dinner, you will have to forego some other source of carbs. Now you might look for one of those low-carb wines.

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