The Atkins Diet Plan - Induction Phase, Foods To Avoid

The first phase of the Atkins Diet Plan, the Induction Phase, is undoubtedly the hardest for most people to follow...

Atkins Diet Plan Induction Phase

Atkins diet plan induction bacon and eggs
Bacon and eggs, no toast, jam, potatoes or juice in the Atkins diet plan induction phase.

In this phase you really cut the carbs. The objective is transforming the bodyís energy source from burning carbs to burning fat. Simply put, you are allowed 20 grams of net carbs per day. Net carbs are the total carbohydrate intake minus the carbs contained in fiber, sugar alcohol, and glycerine. Because those carbs arenít digested they donít count. If your vegetable serving contains 5 grams of carbs but 2 of those grams come from fiber, then only 3 grams of carbs actually count.

To meet the Atkins Diet Plan Induction Phase objectives, you will have to remove many foods from your diet. Donít despair, this phase usually lasts only two weeks. If you really want to play by the rules, obtain the acceptable food list. If a given food isnít on the list, it shouldnít be on your plate. Letís examine some of these forbidden foods starting with the vegetables.

If a vegetable is starchy, youíll have to leave it out. The most obvious no-no is potatoes in any form. Popular vegetables to avoid are beets, corn, peas, and perhaps carrots. Other forbidden vegetables include parsnips, plantains, and winter squash. While the induction phase only lasts two weeks, you will have to wait much more than that to return to your potatoes and peas. Starchy vegetables are the last food group reintroduced during the second phase of the Atkins Diet, the Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) Phase during which you increase your carbohydrate intake by a net 5 grams per week.

Atkins diet plan induction no nos
No spaghetti, bread, or wine in the Atkins diet plan induction phase.

What else is forbidden during the induction phase? Grains immediately come to mind. So you canít gnaw on bread sticks. But you also canít eat cake, pies, or pastries. Sugar in any of its forms is forbidden. This means the white stuff in the sugar bowl but it also means fruit juice (except for small amounts of lemon and lime juice), fruit juice concentrates, syrups, and sweetners. Be safe, avoid all processed foods. Nuts are prohibited as are most dairy products with the exception of some cheeses and cream. On the upside, dairy products and nuts are the first foods to be added when the induction phase is over.

While proteins are allowed and even encouraged during this phase you have to watch how your dishes are prepared. Breaded meats such as meat loaf and veal schnitzel are out. Donít even think about those delicious flour-based sauces, and there are lots of them.

There is another set of forbidden pleasures, one that involves no actual food. Alcohol in any form is strictly out. This means not only grain-based beer but wine as well, even low-carb wine. As a wine lover who has never been on the Atkins diet, I truly would miss the prohibited foods more than the wine itself, for two weeks. After that all bets are off.

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