Dieting Problems

Nobody ever said that dieting was easy...

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Problems of Obesity

Problems of obesity
While dieting has its problems, obesity has even more

But when we say dieting problems we mean serious problems, not simply the nuisance of having to say no to that delicious cheesecake. If you aren't careful you can lose your money, your health, or even your life. Don't panic, but start reading these articles. And for a change of pace, visit the Take A Break section with Paris travel articles featuring French wine and food. You won't gain any weight reading them. Remember the French Paradox; the French eat delicious food, drink great wine, and yet have a relatively low rate of death from heart disease.

Are You Making These Weight Loss Mistakes? By Shiela Dicks

It's not all that easy to lose weight. But there are several things that you can do to almost ensure that you won't lose weight. Dicks shows you how to avoid some of these mistakes and increase your chance of success.

"4. Eating Lots of Vegetables: Do you think you read that wrong? No, you didn't. Eating lots of vegetables is great, however when..."
Are You Making These Weight Loss Mistakes?

Death From Dieting - Will It Happen To Me? By Penny Theron

Don't panic but improper dieting can lead you to an early grave. Of course common sense and moderation are important but you really should read Theron's article.

"...Similarly other drugs used by dieters that have proven fatal include laxatives, diuretics, and vomit-inducing medications such as ipecac (while the other drugs work their damage over time, ipecac can actually be fatal to a first time user). Always consult your doctor before you start on any pill or drug for dieting."
Death From Dieting - Will It Happen To Me?

Diet Gimmicks: Save Your Time And Money By Gabe Mirkin MD

Make no mistake - the title is not Diet Gimmicks: Save You Time And Money - but the contrary. You can't get something for nothing but you can be left with nothing of value for something like your hard earned cash. And as Dr. Mirkin warns, many of these gimmicks are dangerous as well as expensive.

"*All of the popular diet books, regardless of the "scientific" explanations they give, recommend menus that give you 1500-1800 calories or less per day, and for most people this means you will be taking in fewer calories. You can lose weight on any of them, but ask yourself: Is this a way of eating I can follow for the rest of my life? (If not... "
Diet Gimmicks: Save Your Time And Money

Diet Pills - The Dangers By Anne Clarke

Clarke describes from her own experience the dangers of losing too much weight. This problem could have been intensified with diet pills. She clearly warns you of the dangers. Please read her article carefully if you are thinking of diet pills.

"Find out more about these drugs and their specific nature in more articles on Clarke's website. Talk to your doctor about ways to lose weight. Or you can seek the advice of a nutritionist or personal trainer to improve yourself physically, losing weight and strengthening your vital organs instead of weakening or harming them with diet pills. If you want a happier and healthier (and not to mention longer) life, please consider the consequences of your choices - even when you seriously need to lose weight."
Diet Pills - The Dangers
Negative dieting effects
Dieting can get on your nerves.

Is Your Diet Giving You One Big Headache? By Chester

Are you getting a lot of headaches or a few big ones? Chester tells you about many of the common dietary causes. Of course, should your symptoms persist be sure to see your doctor.

"...Experts suggest keeping a headache diary. Lood for patterns to see which foods or beverages consistently cause headaches. Once you've identified a potential trigger,..."
Is Your Diet Giving You One Big Headache?
Dieting has its problems.